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Joe Leeming 1894-1968 wearing uniform of Canadian
Over-Seas Expeditionary Force in about 1916.

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Welcome to the LEEMING one-name study.

You are welcome to browse this site and if it helps to further your research it will be achieving its object. Our intention is to study the Leeming surname in general and to assist researchers in their personal genealogy. To this end researchers are encouraged to contact the study group both to obtain additional information where available and to further the study.

The Leeming name is almost certainly derived from one of two place names in Yorkshire – Leeming, a small town between Bedale and Northallerton or from a hamlet near Haworth of the same name. A DNA study has shown that there are several different groups of people bearing the surname Leeming. This is a quite likely scenario with a locative name.

There are two main spellings in use today – LEEMING & LEAMING. The former is the most usual in the United Kingdom and the latter quite common in North America. Other spellings have included LEMIN, LEMING and LEMMING. The earlier spellings LEMYNGE and LEEMYNGE are to be found in the 17th century and before.

In the past, in U.K. the name has been most prevalent in Lancashire and Yorkshire and to a degree in the bordering counties but now is more widespread.

The purpose of the study other than the research of the name itself, is to assist people researching their own family history.

This website is hosted by the Guild of One-Name Studies about which more information can be found at one-name.org where you may also find information on other names that you are researching.

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