Leeming Genealogy & Family History
 A Study of the Leeming Surname

The tree of Lord Phillip of Tiln has been compiled from four different sources - A Harleian manuscript held in the British Library, a manuscript held at the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds, Glover's Visitation of Yorkshire which records the visitation in 1612 by Richard St. George Esq. and finally the Pickering parish registers. The first two have no dates, The visitation report has only one date, so it is mostly the parish register that gives a base to calculate dates which has been done on the basis of 30 years per generation. The dates of individuals must therefore be considered very approximate and errors are likely to be greater for the earlier generations. However this does give an idea of a timescale which would otherwise not be available.

The earliest person is Phillip Leeming, Lord of Tillne juxta Rudforth, where it appears from a later reference, there was a manor house. Reference to modern maps does not reveal a manor house, but Tiln is a hamlet just north of Retford in Nottinghamshire. Notes on the Harleian manuscript indicate that c. 1450 the manor house was sold by Nicholas born c. 1430 and his brother Robert moved into Pickering in the North Riding of Yorkshire. There this branch of the family stayed until c. 1600.

Further evidence of this family in Pickering is to be found in The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal where under the heading of Visitation of the Dean of York's Peculiar it is reported for Pickering that on the 3rd of November 1594 at the time of evening service when Mr Richard Haie, the parish clerk, began to read the lesson, Mr Robert Leeming shut the Bible preventing Mr Haie reading it! One wonders just what was happening, sadly we are unlikey to know more. If anyone does know more then we would like to hear from you.