Leeming Genealogy & Family History
 A Study of the Leeming Surname

The Leeming DNA Project. Your DNA is specific to you and you obtained it from your ancestors. DNA is useful to Family History as it continues almost unchanged from generation to generation. Some parts are specific to the male line and others to the female line. This helps to establish cousin relationships even though the paper trail may not be clear.

Your direct paternal lineage is the line that follows your father's paternal ancestry. This line consists entirely of men. Your Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) can trace your father, his father, his father's father, and so forth. It offers a clear path from you to a known, or likely, direct paternal ancestor. Your Y-DNA may help you find genetic cousins along your direct paternal line.

Your direct maternal lineage is the line that follows your mother's maternal ancestry. This line consists entirely of women, although both men and women have their mother's mtDNA. This means that fathers do not pass on their mtDNA to their children. Your mtDNA can trace your mother, her mother, her mother's mother, and so forth and offers a clear path from you to a known or likely direct maternal ancestor. Your mtDNA may help you find genetic cousins along your direct maternal line, but is generally less useful for tracing your family tree.

The Leeming DNA Project was one of the early pioneer projects to use Y-DNA to indicate definite related families carrying the Surname. Testing Y-DNA via the Leeming DNA Project has cost advantages – see below.

Started in 2002, the project can now identify specific family groups carrying the Leeming Surname. The project is mainly using Y-DNA ranging from 37 markers to 111 markers the latter is now recommended, but lower tests are still worthwhile.

For more information on Y-DNA testing, go to Y-DNA Compare

The Family Finder test has also in some cases proven to be an invaluable test and is a recommended add on test. For more information on Family Finder, go to Family Finder Info

The BIGY SNP testing is also being used to research the Leeming families very early ancestry long before Surnames existed... one group have been able to trace their Viking ancestors movements to Lancashire.

“FamilyTreeDNA” (FTDNA) have the largest ancestry DNA database in the world and it is this company we use for our tests. More information can be found about them at FamilyTreeDNA

If you wish to order a test, it is cheaper via the project. If you have already taken a test with FTDNA, you are still welcome to join the project. For further details see Join - Leeming DNA Project

If you have tested at a 3rd party company such as Ancestry or 23andMe you can also transfer your tests to FTDNA and join the project. See 3rd Party Transfers at - Autosomal Transfer

If you would like to discuss any part of the above in more detail, or are unsure about any points, then please email Leeming DNA Project.