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 A Study of the Leeming Surname

Use of information on this website.

The information provided here is offered for your personal use; and it is hoped that it will further your research. You are also invited to contact us over any events listed on this site for which you can offer additional information. You are also invited to share your Leeming family history research with others through this site, whether you find a connection with the current listed data or not. We are aware, of course, that there is more data than included here. One of the joys of genealogy is that there is always more to find.

Some of the information on this website has been provided by other researchers for which we offer our thanks. We particularly wish to thank Nigel Brooks and David Leeming for the work they have undertaken which has assisted this project.

We ensure you that every care is taken to ensure that data is as correct as possible. However, please be aware that, as in all genealogy, you are recommended to check all events with the original data before relying on the information. All transcripts will have errors and should be treated as finding aids. Only original documents, photocopies or scans can be taken as truly reliable

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