Leeming Genealogy & Family History
 A Study of the Leeming Surname

Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Leeming, Grace  1790Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I34


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sarah  23 Apr 1823Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I152
2 Leeming, Grace  28 Sep 1790Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I34
3 Leeming, Joseph  16 Jan 1785Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I151
4 Leeming, Samuel  Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I33
5 Leeming, Samuel  29 Oct 1801Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I32
6 Leeming, Thomas  5 Apr 1784Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Leeming, Ann  14 May 1823Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I133
2 Leeming, Ann  12 Aug 1826Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I134
3 Leeming, Ann  6 Oct 1830Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I145
4 Leeming, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1820Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I28
5 Leeming, Elizabeth  7 Dec 1831Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I136
6 Leeming, Emma  27 Aug 1830Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I135
7 Leeming, Grace  20 Feb 1780Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I34
8 Leeming, Grace  4 Dec 1817Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I30
9 Leeming, Hannah  12 Jun 1816Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I83
10 Leeming, James  13 Jan 1793Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I139
11 Leeming, James  13 May 1812Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I27
12 Leeming, James  12 Apr 1837Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I147
13 Leeming, John  14 Aug 1789Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I25
14 Leeming, Joseph  21 Mar 1784Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I151
15 Leeming, Luke  14 Aug 1789Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I132
16 Leeming, Luke  5 Apr 1833Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I146
17 Leeming, Mary  9 Sep 1821Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I29
18 Leeming, Olive  16 Apr 1824Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I143
19 Leeming, Olive  6 Oct 1830Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I144
20 Leeming, Sarah  1 Jun 1814Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I94
21 Leeming, Sarah  14 May 1820Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I141
22 Leeming, Sarah  2 Nov 1836Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I138
23 Leeming, Sophia  1 Jan 1834Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I137
24 Leeming, Thomas  17 Mar 1782Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I150
25 Leeming, Thomas  6 May 1825Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I37
26 Leeming, William  13 Feb 1822Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I142
27 Pybus, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1789Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire I26


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lee / Leeming  16 Sep 1834Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire F30
2 Leeming / Dawson  26 Apr 1819Bradford, St Peter, Yorkshire F37