Leeming Genealogy & Family History
 A Study of the Leeming Surname

Helsington, Westmorland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leeming, Arthur  27 Mar 1880Helsington, Westmorland, England I498
2 Leeming, Eleanor  6 Aug 1848Helsington, Westmorland, England I472
3 Leeming, Eunice  15 Nov 1854Helsington, Westmorland, England I68
4 Leeming, James  Jun 1860Helsington, Westmorland, England I473
5 Leeming, Jane  3 Jan 1813Helsington, Westmorland, England I111
6 Leeming, John  18 Mar 1821Helsington, Westmorland, England I109
7 Leeming, Margaret Jane  13 Apr 1862Helsington, Westmorland, England I114
8 Leeming, Mary  11 Dec 1849Helsington, Westmorland, England I115
9 Leeming, Mary Jane  21 Feb 1852Helsington, Westmorland, England I447
10 Wilson, Mary Jane  Abt 1828Helsington, Westmorland, England I117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Leeming, Joseph  19 Jun 1907Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
2 Leeming, Mary Jane  22 Apr 1872Helsington, Westmorland, England I447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bolton, Esther Ann  28 Oct 1858Helsington, Westmorland, England I452
2 Leeming, Alfred  20 Sep 1868Helsington, Westmorland, England I478
3 Leeming, Andrew  17 Mar 1867Helsington, Westmorland, England I66
4 Leeming, Arthur  2 May 1880Helsington, Westmorland, England I498
5 Leeming, Catharine  4 Jan 1829Helsington, Westmorland, England I107
6 Leeming, Edith  6 Apr 1873Helsington, Westmorland, England I476
7 Leeming, Eunice  25 Dec 1854Helsington, Westmorland, England I68
8 Leeming, Frances  20 Mar 1862Helsington, Westmorland, England I471
9 Leeming, Frederick  9 Jul 1882Helsington, Westmorland, England I497
10 Leeming, Hannah  21 May 1865Helsington, Westmorland, England I65
11 Leeming, James  24 Jun 1860Helsington, Westmorland, England I473
12 Leeming, Jane  5 Feb 1860Helsington, Westmorland, England I63
13 Leeming, Jane E  29 May 1836Helsington, Westmorland, England I911
14 Leeming, John  18 Mar 1821Helsington, Westmorland, England I109
15 Leeming, John  21 Jan 1849Helsington, Westmorland, England I116
16 Leeming, John  6 Mar 1864Helsington, Westmorland, England I470
17 Leeming, Joseph  7 Sep 1823Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
18 Leeming, Joseph  8 Dec 1850Helsington, Westmorland, England I448
19 Leeming, Joseph  11 Jul 1858Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
20 Leeming, Josiah  5 Jan 1859Helsington, Westmorland, England I69
21 Leeming, Mary  27 Oct 1833Helsington, Westmorland, England I912
22 Leeming, Mary  21 Jan 1850Helsington, Westmorland, England I115
23 Leeming, Mary Jane  2 Mar 1851Helsington, Westmorland, England I468
24 Leeming, Samuel  8 Dec 1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I9
25 Leeming, Sarah May  26 Jul 1868Helsington, Westmorland, England I62
26 Leeming, Thomas  15 Apr 1866Helsington, Westmorland, England I618
27 Leeming, William Bateman  10 Jul 1853Helsington, Westmorland, England I475
28 Leeming, William Charles  17 Apr 1853Helsington, Westmorland, England I57
29 Leeming, William Hodgson  25 Dec 1863Helsington, Westmorland, England I64
30 Leeming, William Wilson  13 Jan 1847Helsington, Westmorland, England I449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bateman, Margaret  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
2 Bateman, Margaret  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
3 Bateman, Margaret  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
4 Bateman, Margaret  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
5 Bateman, Margaret  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
6 Bateman, Margaret  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
7 Bateman, Margaret  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I479
8 Bolton, Esther Ann  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I452
9 Bolton, Esther Ann  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I452
10 Bolton, Esther Ann  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I452
11 Hodgson, Eleanor  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I24
12 Leeming, Alfred  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I478
13 Leeming, Alfred  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I478
14 Leeming, Alfred  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I478
15 Leeming, Arthur  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I498
16 Leeming, Arthur  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I498
17 Leeming, Edith  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I476
18 Leeming, Edith  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I476
19 Leeming, Eleanor  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I472
20 Leeming, Eleanor  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I472
21 Leeming, Eunice  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I68
22 Leeming, Frances Ada  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I496
23 Leeming, Frederick  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I497
24 Leeming, James  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I473
25 Leeming, James  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I473
26 Leeming, Jane  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I63
27 Leeming, Jane  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I63
28 Leeming, John  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I470
29 Leeming, John  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I470
30 Leeming, John  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I470
31 Leeming, Joseph  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
32 Leeming, Joseph  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
33 Leeming, Joseph  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
34 Leeming, Joseph  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
35 Leeming, Joseph  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
36 Leeming, Joseph  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
37 Leeming, Joseph  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
38 Leeming, Joseph  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I448
39 Leeming, Joseph  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
40 Leeming, Joseph  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I474
41 Leeming, Joseph  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I112
42 Leeming, Joseph  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I448
43 Leeming, Josiah  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I69
44 Leeming, Mabel  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I451
45 Leeming, Mabel  1891Helsington, Westmorland, England I451
46 Leeming, Margaret Ann  1861Helsington, Westmorland, England I469
47 Leeming, Margaret Ann  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I469
48 Leeming, Margaret Ann  1871Helsington, Westmorland, England I469
49 Leeming, Margaret Ann  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I469
50 Leeming, Margaret Ann  1881Helsington, Westmorland, England I469

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